<chime> Governor Abercrombie, there's a man here to see you  but he isn't on the schedule. He says that he is not from the senator's office.

Beard: Uh, what? I.. Do I have time to see him?

voice: There's nothing until 3:35, Governor Abercrombie.

Beard: OK, send him in. <to himself> not from the Senator's office... not from the Senator's office... not


Beard: Come in. Oh, I get it, not from the Senator's office. Long time no see!

Visitor: Good morning governor. I've been instructed to meet with you just to make sure everyone's on the same page, and offer any help I can in general.

Beard: Wow. This is great. You know, I am still just giddy over that "people's will" strategy.

Visitor: We wanted to put a little of your persona in it. Kind of like your campaign ads that show a bunch of people nodding in agreement while you speak. Now, moving on, I need to make one thing absolutely clear.

Beard: I know. You're not from the Senator's office!

Visitor: Right. From here on, refer to me as "C." Now, for the tax increase, we...

Beard: C, are we going to say this one is overdue too?

Visitor: No, no, no. This is a different thing entirely. It's the people's will, remember? Now, the second act here is to stand up against the necessary increase.

Beard: What? I'm, uh, I thought that's why the people, you know, willed it, because it's necessary.

C: Right. But YOU need keep the legislature from reaching too far. So we'll want to gen up some chatter about how much money we would need to restore funding for everything at proper levels or some crap like that. That, of course, would result in a NEED for one point something, depending on what you say "everything" is. Then you come out and say you won't stand for anything over, say, a half a percent. We'll see what the exact numbers are after it's floated. 

Beard: <giggles> This is so cool. How do we get started?

C: Leave that to me. Trust me, it's not hard. And remember, refer to the deficit and cuts as having created a NEED.

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Here at the far left coast, we suspected that Neil's so-called retirement from the US House was part of a power orchestration by Dan Inouye. As reported on HFP, Inouye just remarked that he could see democrat candidates for Daniel Akaka's seat.

I can see Colleen Hanabusa, I can see Brian Schatz, I can see Mazie Hirono, I can see Neil Abercrombie, I can see Mufi Hannemann.

Despite carrying on like his vision was just restored, he immediately dimsses most of the statement with

Our problem, I think at this juncture, is to try to keep it down to a workable number.

Right. So let's take it in reverse order.

Mufi Hannemann:  Who you kidding, Seanator? This is the guy who just ran against your boy Neil. As far as you're concerned, he's almost as annoying as Ed Case.

Neil Abercrombie:  Come on. Although not lacking gravitation, his gravitas was insufficent on the national stage. You just put him in as governor for that very reason.

Mazie Hirono: Appears after Brian Schatz.

Brian Shatz: New guy, Faithful campaign worker, Lieutenant Governor. Did I mention Lieutenant Governor?

Colleen Hanabusa: The next Senator from Hawaii.


In the last election, 2006, when Danny Akaka ran I was able to help him in six figures.  This time I doubt that.

Because he'll be maxed out helping Colleen Hanabusa. Besides, his 300K bailout of Akaka's last campaign was at least as much about fending off Ed Case as anything else, including protecting Akaka.

The fix is in, my friends. It's all over except additional pandering to the unions. Prepare for an expensive campaign at the least. This time, the fight won't be in the primary. And Senator Dan may wind up thinking Ed Case was Governor Lingle's stalking horse all along.

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Beard: Hello. This is the Governor speaking.

Inouye: I know who you are, Neil. I put you there.

Beard: Sir! It's you!

Inouye: Neil?

Beard: Sir?

Inouye: Shut up.


Inouye: Neil, it doesn't seem like you are out ahead of all these budget issues. I am afraid it shows too. All the proposals from your state of the State speech are falling flat.

Beard: But sir, I warned you about all the old people getting pissed. But the advisors you sent me said that because they aren't active union members, I should pay no attention to them, because they are the only logical group, aside from the population in general, who should get hit. But that's exactly where everying came unraveled. And, if I may say, sir,

Inouye: Neil?

Beard: Yes, sir?

Inouye: Shut up. First of all, the election is over, so you don't need to worry about old people. It's not that they count, it's just that you can't propose screwing them during a campaign. The only thing that matters, at least for the next few years, is the union vote, the union vote, and the union vote. Am I making things clear, Neil?

Beard: Uh. Yeah. But I

Inouye: Neil! You need to get back up! Your speech was good for maybe a week. After that you need to get out there with another message, if for no other reason than to muddy the waters.

Beard: Um. Ok sir, I think

Inouye: All right Neil. Get a flight out here as soon as you can. Tell people you're going to get federal money. I will arrange some more coaching.

Beard: Oh, thank you, sir! I need your help, what can I say. And, can I really get some federal money?

Inouye: Shut up.

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Senator Daniel Inouye tells a history of the Democratic party in Hawaii steeped in his own experience. The gist of it is that after WWII, the GI bill offered education opportunities for plantation boys that they otherwise would never have had. Many went on to receive a higher education, returned to Hawaii, and eventually ousted the party of the plantation, the Republicans. It's a great story, and an accurate one, even though it overlooks other contributions. The updated version of this story has a punch line: Same Plantation, Different Owners.

Charles Djou recorded a more recent perspective on Hawaii politics, noting that the voters of Hawaii had made a choice. They chose the same old system of machine politics, one party representation, and the grand fount of federal funds in DC. But even if the fount shuts down entirely (omitting of course, Pearl Harbor, which doesn't need a slate of Democrat windbags to secure funding), Hawaii's machine will only look like it's losing a leg. It will take much more to fracture it's real foundation.

In defense of this statement, I offer you Wisconsin for comparison. Such a state of affairs is unimaginable here, as is any near-term hope for prudent fiscal management. But the opportunity will come in Hawaii, as the burdens of deficit spending continue to assert themselves. It will begin with the Beard's plan to leverage "investments" in infrastructure, when he realizes that he can't get the money cheap enough unless Hawaii's balance sheet looks a lot better. (Note to the Beard: Check out BHIAX. Its one year load adjusted return is -3%, and Morningstar lists its Alpha at -1.04. Granted, it holds a lot of county debt, but still says much about the prospects for funding large projects in Hawaii.)

Hawaii will continue to flounder. And anything the Beard and his regime manage to accomplish will probably make things worse. If you doubt this, look at Obama's record and remind yourself that every left wing democrat fad runs longer and harder in Hawaii than anywhere else.

The only solution is to take on that foundation directly. Hawaii unions have abdicated legitimacy by way of corruption. The Hawaii Republican Party should adopt a plank to make Hawaii a right-to-work state, and make the case for sound management and economic freedom as opposed to corruption and favoritism at every opportunity, for in these times, the opportunities will be many.

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Governor Abercrombie's ham-handed political stunts regarding President Obama's birth records are vintage Hawaii Democrat. It seems that whatever silly stunt the National Democrats have on hand, there's a Hawaii Democrat stepping up to be a tool. As if to jumpstart his path to laughingstock-in-chief, he latched on to a "feed the birthers" action item, and started bouncing off the walls like a motorized garden gnome. To his rescue come some more tools, hoping to cash in on the coming avalanche of birthers demanding an official copy.

While none of this is new, closer examination may be revealing. It’s abundantly clear that The Beard’s intellect is not his strong point. He is however, a successful politician, albeit one with a very old playbook. In the midst of his sober State of the State speech, he was still jockeying an asinine issue ostensibly of his own making. I ask: did Mr. Abercrombie slip on banana peel, or did someone hand off the task to him?


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