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I love to read this over and over.

Abercrombie resigned on February 28, 2010. The vacancy became effective March 1, 2010.

Only, of course, in light of his campaign for Hawaii Governor being a short belly flop. It puts a smile on my face. But what's just under the surface cracks me up. There are three possible explanations for his maneuver. Neil thought being Governor will be a whole lot cushier than his US Rep seat, and that he could actually win the Governor's race. He flunked out (Atomic Monkey). Dan Inouye showed him the door.

Ever since the radical, fight-for-the-common-guy charlatan got to Washington, he's been little but an agressive mouthpiece, tritely gibbering talking points for a living. Even in democrat circles, he might have been useful where he was, but definitely wasn't up for promotion. My imagination goes wild.

Neil: Good morning Sir. Extends right hand. Opps. Sorry. I never did get that right. Extends left hand.

Inouye: Tries to shake either hand while seated. Neil! Good to see you! Have a seat. You know, Neil, it's time for you to run for governor of Hawaii!

Neil: Whaa?

Inouye: Neil! In all these years, I have never seen you speechless. Listen, after eight years of that republican, the unions are seething. They are looking for a candidate they can really work with.

Neil: But Sir, with the looming budget problems and all...

Inouye: Neil. Don't worry. I can get you some top talent to handle all those problems.

Neil: But Sir, there's a lot of old people in Hawaii, and they live a really long time. By the election, if they figure out how bad they're gonna get scr....

Inouye: Neil.  (pause) We need to make changes. Someone a little, um, more cerebral. Stick around for the health care vote, then go home like a conquering hero! Put a smile on, Neil! That's better. See you later.

Hawaii badly needs some talent that can work up to senatorial level by the time either Inouye or Akaka retires. Inouye's campaign to install Hanabusa is transparent. (see, e.g. Inouye aide to assist Hanabusa, Inouye's gift seen as more 'revenge'). She may well be an heir apparent. Except for one thing. She's losing, and doing it rather poorly — in her words, "These numbers show that this campaign is on the move." BWAHahaha.

I always thought this race would be entertaining. It's exceeded my expectations. But the real knee-slapper is Charles Djou's performance. The DCCC is on the verge of endorsing Case, not so much as in opposition to Inouye, but in fear of a Djou victory. One thing is clear though. Dan's influence is waning, and with what may be his parting shot, hit himself right in the fanny.

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